Zip Hooded Sweatshirts are a staple of wardrobes of teens and young adults alike, as they are strikingly cool and chicky, whilst at the same time functional. It stands out in terms of fashion with a headcap attached to the outfit similar to a hood.

zip hooded sweatshirt

Zip Hoodies Sweatshirts come with zippers lining up to the breast. There are zippers that cover up the face as well. However, the face covering zipper is not that catchy a design like the snazzy zipper hoodie having a hood like skull cap. Common fabric materials used include knitted silk, cotton fleece and merino wools. Zip Hoodies Sweatshirts paired with t-shirts are very much chichi these days.

The original theme of this design can be attributed to the eastern European Christian cultures. High priests of the medieval era used to dress themselves in a robe and clad their head with a hooded cap. The hooded cap infused a feeling of awe and mystery and a sense of isolation in the minds of the onlookers and church-goers. Fashionistas were hooked to the idea of hooded caps, and went on to catch the fashion world by storm, particularly in the early80’s.

The hooded sweatshirts made inroads into major universities and quickly turned out to be a popular college wear. Runners, joggers and walkers did their morning rounds wearing only hooded sweatshirts and many continue to do so. Trendy sweatshirts started coming in with bright colours against light backgrounds or with a splash of design randomly spread throughout. There are several designs associated with dark arts and colour themes.

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