Most people may stand up to the fact that leggings are an enduring staple of your wardrobe compared to jeans. Reasons are plenty, but here’s why leggings are better than jeans:


  • With leggings there is greater freedom of movement, and it’s as if you aren’t wearing any pants at all. They are super-flexible, and they give you the best fit. Jeans give you restrictive movement or sometimes just as sloppy a fit. In other words, they can be either tight–or loose fitting. Jeans can restrict you in doing even the simplest of chores.

  • Leggings offer the best fit solution, end to end, whether you are skinny or thick. Jeans, on the other hand, can be low fitting sometimes due to lack of butt or larger waistline. Leggings attune to bodily changes, and isn’t that awesome transitioning to something better. You don’t have to worry about it falling apart or falling off due to your slender butt or over-generous waist/hips. It’s right there for you all the time!

  • Jean material is plain onslaught on your skin. What is your feeling the moment you dress up jeans? It doesn’t fit like a glove? Whereas leggings are designed for extended use; you don’t feel like wearing anything down there!

  • Leggings don’t burn your fingers, whereas jeans are pricey. You can buy 2-3 pairs of leggings at the cost of a single pair of jeans.

  • Leggings come in a plethora of different shades, lengths and patterns. Jeans basically feature only five different colours out of which denim blue is the most popular pick.  You can pair the same coloured top with a pair of leggings as you’d do with jeans every day. They’re reversible too—you can team up any top with pretty much any leggings of your choice.

  • Finally, you look chic with leggings on. Your thighs look slimy, your butt look curvy and your waist twiggy. You are pampered with confidence and ultra-comfort.  Leggings are lighter on your purse and higher on the buying choice. Now then, are you reminded of the Peter Christian number, “Take your jeans off”? Gal, take a break...