Are you planning to wear a V-neck top for your next casual evening adventure? You need to pair with the right jewellery. The question is what colour is your V-neck? Gold on a black t-shirt is almost perfect. However, a diamond chain on black V-neck can keep things under the thumb.  There can be no one right answer to it. It is purely subjective depending on what you are going to wear.

V Neck Top

Here is one simple hack for you to wear with just about different necklines: long necklaces —V, Scoop, Boat or Drape neckline. Whether you decide to wear shorter or longer necklace, the last thing you’d want is your necklace stroking against your neckline; therefore, go for one that is 1/2-1 inch above the neckline or one that drops a few inches below your line of sight.

Longer necklaces, much the same as V-neck tops, give a longer neckline, which, usually, is more flattering. Chokers, on the other hand, give you a shorter neckline only accentuating your looks. If you are petite, check for the length of the necklace. Something just below the bust line is fine; running the full length of the belly button is a tad long.    

Pair a Crystal Choker Necklace with an elegant V-neck top for top of the style statement at any party.  Leather Choker Necklace when accessorised with both V-neck and short T’s can offer a stylish look and fashionable feel. A Choker Statement Necklace Gold Plated Chain can dazzle beholders when you team it up with Ts, jackets and tops (particularly V-necks).

It is important to consider the neckline of your dress when deciding to wear a necklace. The type of necklace you put on may either make or break the way you dress up for a particular occasion.