There is only a fine line separating a leggings and pant, though some believe that there is a world of difference. Pants offer full coverage and impart a more formal look than a pair of leggings, but the same can be said of thick leggings too. What was generally worn over other outfit for warmth and protection from the adverse types of weather has turned out to be a fashion statement today, with extended application as a workout and gym wear.

wearing legging as a pant

Comfortable: The comfort factor makes leggings a de facto choice for college, work or outings. The humdrum of wearing the same pair of pants can make leggings an obvious fave. No to mention the comfort, mobility, stretchable and non-irritating nature of everyday leggings wear.

Stretchable: As seen above leggings are great for activities that involve physical movement, and perfect when you need to move around quickly at workplace. Leggings became an instant hit for their stretching and non-skin irritating nature. Stretch as much as you can, they only seem to be sturdier and durable with everyday use and multiple washes.

Stylish: Leggings are a cut above the rest in terms of style and fad. The printed leggings are a new fave. Even celebrities aren't immune to their practical trend. You can experiment with a gamut of floral and abstract printed leggings. And if you think they are too flashy and flamboyant, simply spice up your outfit with plain leggings. Make leggings your regular pants paired with any stylish top.

Go ‘colours’: Style leggings with a splash of solid colours and unique designs and patterns top the everyday fashion chart. The magic also lies in the assorted sizes of the leggings for different occasions. The stock length of the leggings is up to your toe. Whether you want to pair your leggings with formal or informal outfit depends on how formal or informal the situation is. The only rule is it has to work in any situation.