If you are thinking of how to wear your new hoodie, then you are on the right page. Read on to find a few quick styling tips for your hoodie or hooded sweatshirts in your daily life. This may sound a tad boyish, but never out of vogue!


Not every girl has a hoodie in her wardrobe. But why don’t you buy one right here, as rain or shine, a hoodie is just the thing you’ll need, whether you pick a preppy or sporty outfit. There are always plenty of ideas when it comes to styling hoodies:

What if you are a plus size lady? Simply grab a cropped hoodie and pair it nicely with a high heel silver point-toe pumps and high-waisted black skinnies. You are guaranteed to catch the attention of the onlookers.

Toy with grunge touches. Go for a long black coat, wear it over burgundy hoodie, and pair with a chic skinnies and your favourite rock band tee.

Give it a sporty look and put on a hooded sweatshirt with black leggings, knitted beanie and multi-coloured sneakers. Add an elegant varsity jacket and a pair of good-looking slip-ons.

Now for some downright girlish look – combine a hoodie with a modish houndstooth black-white mini skirt.

Find the perfect mannish look by wearing a pastel hued trench coat atop black colour hoodies, cheeky sneakers and black leggings. For a sexier look, put on a white lace skirt. Ready for some awesomeness? Bring it on a print version atop a black cover up. Layering it should lend you a brilliant hip-hop look. If you have leather legging, why not pair it with a hoodie and accessorise it with leopard print pointed toe high heels.

Enhance your urban look by combining your hoodie with a nifty biker jacket and groovy leather backpack. Even a floral backpack will look stunning. Throw on a fur/faux fur coat to outclass the rest. A leather jack is a must-have; team it up with a hoodie for a riveting look.

Whether you want to go for street style or add layer during winter and fall months, the choice is all yours. Get going with some chic accessories.