We know you love jeans, and nothing better than pairing your fav t-shirt with a jeans, and oomph your looks. But if not done correctly, your looks may look out of place or pretty sloppy. Here are some quick hacks on how to pair a Jeans and T-shirt:


  • A good point to start from is to pick the right pair of jeans – trendy and one that offers the best fit. An inappropriate fitting, however much you accessorize, can only make you look dowdy and sloppy. Skinnies are a fad that stayed, while it may not be the best fit for you. If you're pear-shaped, you may like to go for bootcut or straight style. Play along with different styles until you find out what is best for you.

  • Check if your t-shirt offers the best fit for the shape, length and neckline of your body type, as much as you care for your jeans. Remember no two body types are alike. You will be able to pick the bestest fit of the lot only by trial and error.

  • Coming to the neckline of the t-shirt, a crew-neck can cut a good look on smaller-chested women. If you are well-endowed... crew-neck tops are no no. a wide scoopneck or v-neck is a more becoming outfit. Make sure your tees don’t pull too much along the chest area, or is too baggy or low-cut either.

  • Don’t just settle with solid tees; why not try out different patterns including floral and stripes? Graphic tees are a must try, even though they are super casuals. There are always ways to wear them so as to pull off a great look. Details count a lot. Even a cuffed sleeve or dolman sleeve can pack a punch.

  • Take your basic tee-shirt to the next level by layering with a utility jacket, blazer, hoodie or cardigan with your jeans on. Accessorise with your earrings or a bracelet or necklace. You can even add a scarf to spice up your look a bit.

  • As for the matching to-go accessories, put on cute shoes or carry a brightly coloured handbag. Alternate Superga or Converse with your gym sneakers. Loafers, stilettos, wedge sandals and ballet flats go well with jeans and a T-shirt. For a more sophisticated look, go for ankle books.

  • Whether you want to front tuck or untuck your tees is no big deal. You can front tuck your T-shirt, allow the back hang out, and tinker with the sides, particularly if the shirt is too boxy or longish for a laid-back look.

  • If you’re short-waisted and wanting to front-tuck into low-rise jeans, that’s ok; if you’re small-chested, you’re better off with front-tucking as it accentuates your curves and if you are well-endowed and chunky, stay away from it.

  • The drapier, and thicker or stiffer the tee material is, the more it will tend to bulge out when you front-tuck the tee into your jeans.