There are a lot of places you can wear Polos other than the country club and the golf course. If you’re a woman the key to wearing polo is to pair it with the right items and accessories to achieve that sublimely feminine feel—in which case, you may want to throw your sneakers and khakis away.  

Here are funky ways to give a twist to how you wear women’s polos

Polo Tshirt

Button it up

If you undo the first few buttons of a polo shirt, it can give you an impression as if you are fresh from the golf course. Fasten all the buttons of the shirt for a fresh and slick look. Put on a pair of cheeky scalloped shorts or swingy floral skirt for a playful and relaxed feel. Give it an avant-garde look by tucking your polo shirt into your skirt or shorts.   

If your polo shirt is loose fitting and boxy, it can fail to hug your curves, and may otherwise prove masculine. Pair your polo shirt with a fitted pencil skirt to instantly create a flatteringly flirty look. Go bold teaming up your polo shirt, preferably red or cobalt, with skinny jeans. Up the sexy quotient of your polo shirt by replacing your flats with heels or wedges.


Layer it

A polo shirt works great as a layering piece. Give it a casual look wearing it under a corduroy jacket or fitted denim. Amp it up by throwing a blazer on top of a polo shirt. Alternate a button-down blouse with a polo underneath a crew neck sweater for the collar to peek out over your sweater. You can also work the layering the other way around – put on a stripped polo atop a solid long sleeve solid waffle tee for a cheeky playful look.


Accessorise with jewellery

Don’t think you can’t accessorise anything with a polo just because it lends a casual feel. Button your polo shirt up and put on a richly coloured bib style necklace or multi-strand beaded necklace over it. An unbuttoned polo shirt may call for a long pendant style necklace as a matching accessory. Bold earrings can cut a sophisticated look. Wear your hair up and put on pair of hoop earrings or chandelier for an enhanced look. If you are looking to make heads turn with a chic and contemporary feel, add a stack of bangle bracelets to your arm, and there you go.