We believe our previous blog on printed leggings would have helped you build a snazzy outfit style with the printed leggings. Here we go again, this time with how you can wear your floral leggings with a princely panache.

Floral Leggings

Floral leggings are just super-perfect for all seasons, though many think it is only for summer. Hmm... Summer... is quite far away right now. Let’s not stick to these rules and see how floral leggings can lend refreshingly new looks during the drab and dowdy winter season. Here are the ways you can wear it

Pick a forgiving petite, all-over floral print in a dark colour. The floral leggings do not reveal every dimple underneath them (read the print obscures) and come with the correct structure-to-movement ratio in the material fabric. They, for sure, aren’t tight as much as pants!

Go for very basic colours to team it up with your floral leggings. It’d be quite easy to appear matchy-matchy with these babies on. Therefore, the best pick is a neutral top and low on detail shoe. Let the print strike the perfect balance!

Go for the correct length top. Many would prefer maximum coverage of the booty and crotch, whilst enhancing the comfort levels with the legging on. Leggings minus back pockets or zipper may make you feel somewhat exposed. Ideally your tunic-style top or kurthi should fall to your hip and the largest part of your butt.

Wear a black, grey, white shirt underneath your cardigan to set off the floral print leggings. Go for an oversized grey or black knit sweater without making the outfit looking too wintery. A forgiving flowy and light black or grey mini dress paired with a pair of leggings can accentuate your silhouette —a tight dress may reveal the panty lines through the dress. Pair a black t-shirt with your floral leggings without bothering about your about butt showing.  

We hope the above tips may work, and there should be no stopping you enjoying the comfort of wearing comfy and stretchy floral leggings in public.