If you are a working woman the tendency is to work for longer hours and remain in the same clothes for more than half the day before hitting the pillow. The first thing you will want to do when you reach home is change your clothes first into something that is really super-comfortable. Did we mention Sleepwear and Loungewear? There are differences, of course, between the two, and it is important we pick those differences before purchasing one.


What is a sleepwear?
A sleepwear, in simplest terms, is ready-for-bed pieces accentuated by style elements such as drawstring trouser-style bottoms, notched collars or blousy nightshirts. Sleepwear, generally, features vividly fun prints, bright bold colours and a generous fit. Material fabrics that go into producing sleepwear are quite often casual-comfy including flannel and fleece.



What is a loungewear?
Loungewear is generally highly sophisticated, sort of tailored-looking outfit for your work from home shift. It usually features gray, black or rich dark solids including blue. You can pair loungewear with anything under the sun- tanks, jackets, leggings, capris, pants or a gown. Keep mixing things up. It offers a body-conscious fit than what Pyjamas offer, and is made from cotton or modal blends, in addition to fleece. Wear it when you’re out for mini shopping, entertaining guests over coffee at home, being a noticeably well dressed host yourself.


If you need to decide choosing between sleepwear and loungewear, ask yourself what you’ll be wearing if you were hanging around at home and have to welcome someone at the door. Go for any loungewear instead of plain pyjama pants then. Is your battery down and you need to recharge yourself, why not replace your narky college sweatshirt with an ultra-comfy loungewear? Simply pair your loungewear with a bralette or bra. Next, put on a matching set. PJs are usually available together, whereas loungewear is sold as a collection – team it up with a sporty sneaker, shearling-lined loafer or matching flats. When sizing isn’t that precise, particularly if it’s an everyday wear —why bother at all? We all love something we feel comfortable with. Right?