The only differentiating factor between a sweatshirt and sweater is the way they are made. A sweater, as you may see, is knitted or crocheted, whereas a sweatshirt is made of heavy cotton.  Sweaters, design-wise, keep you snug and warm during the winter season. A sweatshirt, though its intended function is to keep you warm, has lot many uses. They absorb sweat because the insides of it are lined with fleece and are brushed for a softer feel. They are the preferred choice for fitness freaks and athletes. Because sweaters feature lightweight material fabric, they can’t absorb sweat, but simply make you amazingly warm and cosy.

Hooded Sweatshirt

When it comes to seams, in a sweatshirt it is sewn on a serger, whereas in a sweater the finished knit pieces are assembled them by sewing them together, thereby getting rid of unravelling. The inside and back of the sweatshirt is brushed carefully for a soft and comfy feel. This is known as fleece. A sweater basically is already comfortable, smooth and soft due to its design. In a quality sweatshirt one can pull apart the fabric on the outside and inside of the sleeve, meaning it has two layers, whereas a sweater features only one layer all through. There’s no front opening on the sweatshirt, but not in a sweater which may contain one or may not in line with the style or design. Styling sweaters is quite easy, and so is a sweatshirt.


Can you wear Sweatshirt in summer?

Sweatshirts can induce sweat and absorb it; therefore, they can help you stay warm while cooling your body down gradually. Unless the heat is scorching out there though, a sweatshirt is just perfect to go. A flirty little skirt or a funky pair of short might may look stylish with the sweatshirt on. And who in any sense would like to go out wearing sweaters in the summers? It's no secret that you'll be sweating all throughout due to its poor absorbency.  A sweatshirt, on the other hand, helps you to work out well by keeping damp clothing at bay. Also, you would love to put on one throughout the summers.

There are different ways to wearing a sweatshirt for a casual look: shorts, skirts, etc. Accessorise with a matching pair of sneakers. Flip flops or loafers can make a fab choice.  If you want to experiment things on your own, there are literally hundreds of fashion sites that offer quick styling hacks. Come summer you don’t have to search for your new favourite sweatshirt outfit when you can find them right here online.

Sweatshirt is nothing short of an up and coming fad. And why not if there is something you can put on to stay away from the simmering heat in the summers? They are natty, swanky and jaunty. If that does not convince you to go for one, do check our impressive collection of Sweat shirts and Hoodies on our website today.