Boat Neck tops are great to flatter your shoulders and collarbones, and if you’re well-endowed with beautiful shoulders, it’s a shame your aren’t wearing off boatneck tops. They are a toned-down type of shoulder tops, and are not so skin-revealing, if that’s what you're twitchy about. It is something stylish, and you can pull off a great look wearing with a pair of jeans. Here are a few quick hacks to wear your boat neck top:

Boat Neck Top

  • If you’re wearing a black and white striped long sleeve boat neck t-shirt, what you must be looking to pair it up is a pair of black skinny jeans or black chinos.  Accessorising with a black ballet flats will give the finishing touch to it. You can alternate black jeans with a pair of white skinny jeans for a lighter feel. Harmonise the outfit with a pair of white heeled sandals.

  • Bring the girl in you to life with a black long-sleeve boat-neck top with a mini skater pleated skirt (preferably pale pink). Accessorise with a pale pink ribbon heels - they accentuate girlishness.

  • You will fell in love with this boyish look: layer a button up shirt on top of a casual half sleeve striped top, pairing them with a pair of skinny jeans (preferably denim). Complete the outfit with style with a pair of camel thigh high suede boots.

  • Pair a black top with a printed skirt for a scintillating look.  Accessorise it with a simple pair of sneakers.

  • For a more chic and refreshing look, go for a statement necklace.

  • Wow onlookers wearing an oversized boat neck t-shirt teamed up with a pair of wide leg linen pants. Add a pair of slide sandals to elevate your looks.

  • If you want to show off your slimy waistline, it’s time you throw on a long sleeve cropped boat neck top teaming it up with a pair of jeans. Related accessory include a pair of sneakers.

  • Let us give some twist with a long sleeve free fit boat neck top paired with cropped skinny jeans. A pair of heeled sandals makes a great accessory.

  • If you’re going for a narrow striped t shirt, match up cleanly with a pair of skinny jeans and high top converse for that ‘wow’ feel.

  • Another gem of a super-casual outfit: put together a form fitting boat neck with a pair of jeans and accessorise with ballet flats for a sublimely feminine look. For a flattering look, choose a sleeveless boat neck top and coordinate with skinny jeans and leather loafers.

  • One of our favs: Put on a striped boat neck top and pair off with a high-waisted mini short. For a sophisticated look, match the outfit with a pair of stockings and leather loafers. For a sexier look, why not try wearing something between an off-shoulder top and a boat neck top? An example being a wide-boat neck blouse paired with pants, toned with a pair of sandals for a flattering look.

  • For a breezy look, you can put on a cap sleeve boat neck top and pair up with a pair of skinny jeans. Related accessories to match the outfit include sneakers.